At ALCAZAR LAWYERS AND CONSULTANTS we have a team of professionals with a wealth of experience in providing comprehensive advice to entrepreneurs, start-ups and spin off projects.

Our multidisciplinary team allows us to help and guide you in the main obstacles that can arise in the preliminary or initial phases of a project, as well as in its constitution, access to the market and further development.

The main areas in which we advise entrepreneurs and start-ups:

- Investment structures: study and analysis of the legal form best suited to develop and carry out your project, advice on drawing up partner agreements, restructuring operations, legal reviews (due diligence), etc.

- Taxation: Advice on efficient tax structures for entrepreneurs and start-ups (VAT optimization), advice on tax deductions and incentives (Patent Box), day-to-day management, etc.

- Employment: Advice on hiring staff, advantages and incentives for entrepreneurs and start-ups, day-to-day management, implementation of programs to retain talent, non-competition agreements with workers, confidentiality agreements, etc.

- Business plans: We help entrepreneurs to develop and adapt business plans to the requirements of investors (risk capital, business angels, public and private institutions, etc.), and we carry out specific financial audits, etc.

- Financing: We advise entrepreneurs and start-ups on finding and obtaining the best sources of financing in projects and we carry out refinancing of business projects.

- Industrial and intellectual property: We help entrepreneurs to protect and safeguard their intangible assets (patents, brands, utility models, designs, know-how, etc.), as well as in the preparation and drafting of technology contracts.

- Responsibility: Advise for entrepreneurs and start-ups on protecting their responsibility against third parties, implementation of corporate compliance programs, etc.