At ALCAZAR LAWYERS AND CONSULTANTS our international practice focuses on two main groups of clients:

-          Outbound- Spanish companies seeking to internationalize their business, looking to grow internationally and enter new markets.

-          Inbound- Foreign investors looking for growth opportunities in Spain and Latin American markets.

Our international business transaction solution includes services such as:

1.       Developing international business viability plans

2.       Project management

3.       Due diligence (“know your partner/customer/market”)

4.       International tax planning

a.       Tax treaty analysis ( optimizing tax efficiency of investments)

5.       International Investment law

a.       Analysis of multilateral/bilateral investment treaties ( optimizing investment protection)

6.       Foreign trade  

a.       Analysis de Free trade agreements ( optimizing supply chain efficiency from customs duty perspective)

b.      Trade barriers ( strategies to overcome)

7.       Foreign investment vehicle (Incorporation, Commercial contracts, corporate acquisition, etc.)

8.       IP protection

a.      Optimizing IP protection

9.       International Legal Compliance

a.       Foreign corrupt practices

b.      Customs classifications, rules of origin, etc

c.       Trade Sanctions

d.      Money laundering, tax fraud