Our firm started off on the Costa del Sol-Malaga, which boasts of a highly developed real estate market. As such, we have developed a highly skilled team of legal and tax advisors who counsel both domestic and international investors on:

-          Real estate due diligence which includes a full investigation as to title ( including liens and encumbrances)as well as land use/planning restrictions that may apply

-          Money laundering and tax fraud compliance   

-          Investment tax planning, which, taking into account both the origin of funding as well as the proposed use of properties,  may include various options to maximize the tax efficiency of the investment in Spain

-          Negotiation and drafting of agreements (purchase, lease, surface rights, etc.)

-          Assisting and/or acting on behalf of clients before Notary Public for issuance of public deed

-          Post-closing compliance, which may include filings before Land Registry as well as additional tax filings, etc.  

-          Land use and planning requirements

-          Licensing requirements, construction permits, etc.

-          Owners association disputes

-          Wills and Estates