In recent years, many people have been affected by engaging "toxic" products with financial institutions (swaps, preference shares, multicurrency mortgages, IRPH mortgages, “clausulas suelo” or floor clauses, subordinated debt, structured deposits, Bankia IPO, etc).

In many cases, these products were marketed by financial entities failing to comply with many banking regulations and failing to fulfil their transparency obligations to customers in their marketing process.

At ALCAZAR LAWYERS AND CONSULTANTS we have extensive experience in advising and claiming compensation for "toxic" financial products from financial institutions, and we have also been pioneers in declaring the legal nullity of some of these types of products in cities such as Zaragoza, Granada or Málaga.

If you or your company has been affected by any of these "toxic" products, do not hesitate to contact us (the first consultation is free) and we will advise you on your case