At ALCAZAR, we have an Audit department with extensive experience and expertise in national and international firms.

ALCAZAR is registered in the ROAC (Official Register of Auditors of Spain) and is a member of the ICJCE (Institute of Statutory Auditors of Spain).

At ALCAZAR, we provide a quality service dealing closely with the client, helping to improve any potential weaknesses detected in the preparation of reports.

Our auditing team have experience in the following areas: industrial, distribution, administrative concessions, construction and real estate development, agricultural, automotive, education, renewable energies, catering, sports, foundations and associations, public sector, universities, start-ups, etc.

Our auditors provide the following audit services:

- Audit of annual accounts (individual and consolidated).

- Balance audits (increase and reduction of capital).

- Audit of subsidies, loans with subsidized interest and other aid.

- Reviews.

- Reports of agreed procedures (such as reports of compliance with certain ratios for financial institutions - covenants).

- Valuation of companies within sale processes.

- Expert economic evidence.

- Financial due diligences.

- Conversions in accounting principles (IFRS).

- Specific reports of sustainability (Ecoembes) and electrical appliances (ECOTIC).

- Special jobs and audits for the public sector (city councils, provincial councils, universities and other public sector companies, etc.).

- Preparation and review of report packages in subsidiaries with parent companies in Spain or abroad, for both Spanish GAAP and IFRS, US-GAAP, etc.

Whether you want to improve the image of your company with banks, customers, suppliers and partners / shareholders, or your company simply has an obligation to audit – either for legal or statutory reasons, do not hesitate to contact ALCAZAR and our expert auditing team.