When buying or selling a company, it is essential to know the state of its assets and current legal, fiscal, labour and procedural situation, in order to make a correct valuation of it.

Due Diligence is the process of reviewing all areas of a company in order to verify that the company's accounts reflect its true image, and that its revenues correspond to reality, as well as to detect any contingencies or irregularities in any area of the business.

In the due diligence review process, we check that the company complies correctly with all its legal obligations. The process includes revising such aspects as the company's title deeds, the status of its assets and liabilities, compliance with tax and labour regulations, any legal proceedings currently in progress, ownership of trademarks or trade names of the company and verification that the company is up to date with its Social Security and employment obligations.

At ALCAZAR LAWYERS AND CONSULTANTS, we carry out due diligence using a multidisciplinary approach with a team of professionals from the financial, legal, labour, fiscal, accounting and criminal fields.

We recommend you contact us before acquiring or selling a company, to inquire about the process of due diligence. This process will offer you an objective and in depth perspective of the company in question, and provide you with tools to negotiate the price and guarantees in the transaction. We have a wealth of experience in the sale processes of companies and we frequently find that contingencies or risks come to light that the buyer would not otherwise detect.

If you are thinking of acquiring or selling a company and want to avoid surprises and handle the process successfully, do not hesitate to contact us.

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